Counselling For Couples


When you first met it was probably all you could do to keep your hands off each other as your feelings developed into a wonderful heady mix of emotion, passion and excitement.

The feelings we experience when we fall in love are amongst the most overwhelming we can experience.
To create a good, strong relationship, we need to develop strategies for dealing with compromise and disillusionment, not an easy task but utterly worth it.

The relationship training I underwent at Relate is amongst the best in the world and I have experienced many instances where a seemingly hopeless situation can be remedied.

So, if you feel like your relationship has had a ‘hand grenade’ thrown at it and you are left floundering in the debris, come and get some ideas on how to repair it. The work is hard and can be draining but compromised and poor relationships can literally wreck our health. Couple counselling is amongst my favourite areas of work, it brings the most immense job satisfaction when positive results are achieved. So, start putting the pieces together and call Jigsaw Counselling.


I personally think the patience and courage we need to commit to a long term relationship, is the tallest order we ask of ourselves as human beings. It can be the hardest, yet most rewarding investment we make. Understanding the complex ways that couples relate and react to one another can feel like a minefield.

Yet allowing yourselves the opportunity to find new ways to overcome difficulties and develop good strategies for dealing with stress and conflict can be extremely enriching.

In one of the biggest surveys undertaken,80% of couples reported higher levels of happiness and satisfaction after couples counselling.

The really good news is that the investment you make has lasting effects with reported levels of increased wellbeing and happiness.

Many life events can rock a relationship to its core; the first child, an affair, money problems, depression, unemployment, bereavement to name but a few. With skilled intervention and a safe place to explore conflict, many issues can be made to feel more manageable. None of us go into long term relationships expecting them to be as hard as they are, but give yourselves the best chance of surviving and thriving. ‘Love means never having to say you are sorry’ has way too much to answer for!

Get your relationship back on track