About Heather

I have been a practising therapist for around 15 years. My first passion was psychodynamic psychotherapy, which to me represented the road to seeking truth, wisdom and self-fulfilment.

Developing levels of self-awareness about my own personal journey and the things that have helped me overcome obstacles, allowed me to relate to my clients in ways that have felt authentic and inspiring.

It’s an enormous privilege to be entrusted with someone‚Äôs personal story and be offered the opportunity to facilitate and help them on their journey to increased happiness and self-actualization.

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After several years of working with individuals, I was aware that so much of our ways of relating is embedded in the family dynamic. I was left with a burning curiosity about how to work within a broader spectrum. I undertook a postgraduate diploma in systemic family therapy at the Birkbeck College in London. This afforded me the experience of developing a greater understanding of this most complex of institutions!

I am passionate about the possibilities that good therapy affords us. It can be such a force for positive change that can carry on down the generations. I believe that modern day living can remove us so far from what we as humans ultimately seek ,which is meaningful connections. We seek these in our intimate relationships, family units, communities and workplaces.

My life prior to being a therapist was a fashion buyer, with positions held at Top Shop and Next. I loved the creativity and travel that these positions afforded me but ultimately felt the challenges of combining this career with a family, to be too difficult.
The skills I developed as a fashion buyer, I think, have helped me create a unique brand of therapy.

I aim to offer creative solutions underpinned by a rigorous understanding of academic theory.

We all have the answers inside us, we just sometimes the need the time, space and expertise to find them. Jigsaw helps you put the pieces together.

My Credentials

As an Accredited member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), I am bound by their Codes of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice.

I undertake Continuous Professional Development as part of the requirement and to enhance my practice. I hold full professional indemnity insurance and posses an enhanced CRB certificate.

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    Certificate in Counselling Young People. 2008

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 2005 (Distinction)

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    Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling. 2003

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    Master of Arts Fashion and Textiles Design. 1985

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    BACP Accreditation. 2011

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Relationship / Family Therapy. 2010

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    Understanding Anger. 2010

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    Integrative Counselling. 2010